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It is no secret that one of Jamaica’s greatest challenges as well as greatest opportunities for the future lies within the nation’s youth. Depending on to whom you speak, the number of young people that have ‘slipped between the cracks’ of society’s traditional socializing structures – that is the family, school and the church, is somewhere between 100 and 200,000, but whatever that number is, we can be sure that it is growing. Not surprisingly, much of the crime and violence that takes place in the country is perpetuated by the age youth cohort, ages 15-24, as they struggle to “eat a food” and grow beyond a life that is heavily sprinkled with trauma and abuse. According to a report by 2014 report by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica1, a number of the youth who comprise approximately one-fifth of the total population, “commit crime, or engage in delinquent behaviour, [and] they are oftentimes, themselves, victims of crime and violence”. Most of these young people are hopeless and loveless, fighting against an ‘establishment’ that they feel has let them down badly.

Particularly in the last decade, there has been much discussion and considerable work in the development of programmes and interventions to assist in “re-socializing” the youth to engender traditional values and attitudes that have apparently not been previously inculcated. There have been some successes, especially when the interventions are multi-dimensional, providing participants with a variety of opportunities to grow, learn and develop.

Most of these programmes depend heavily on face to face interactions and are expensive to replicate; additionally, there is no readily available local intervention that uses the latest neuro-science to effect behaviour modification, teaching principles that allow participants to break the cycle of external dependence, building an appreciation of the internal resources that are available to everyone and how to use these for positive change and results in any area of life.

This programme is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, a body of knowledge and practice which spans over 30 years. Developed by founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the early 1970s, their study of well-known therapists, who were achieving excellent results in their practice such as family therapist Virginia Satir, psychologist and hypnotist Milton Erikson, amongst others, gave rise to the distillation of knowledge, tools and techniques which are now being utilized by individuals and organizations alike across the globe. Power of You – Limitless Transformation Coaching & Training Services – © 2015

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