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It is no secret that one of Jamaica’s greatest challenges as well as greatest opportunities for the future lies within the nation’s youth. Depending on to whom you speak, the number of young people that have ‘slipped between the cracks’ of society’s traditional socializing structures – that is the family, school and the church, is somewhere between 100 and 200,000, but whatever that number is, we can be sure that it is growing.

Not surprisingly, much of the crime and violence that takes place in the country is perpetuated by the age youth cohort, ages 15-24, as they struggle to “eat a food” and grow beyond a life that is heavily sprinkled with trauma and abuse.

According to a report by 2014 report by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, a number of the youth who comprise approximately one-fifth of the total population, “commit crime, or engage in delinquent behaviour, [and] they are oftentimes, themselves, victims of crime and violence”. Most of these young people are hopeless and loveless, fighting against an ‘establishment’ that they feel has let them down badly.

This programme is designed especially for young people to facilitate awakening to their own internal power to create and live passion-filled, successful lives by providing the tools and techniques to facilitate these experiences for themselves. The course is about developing self-confidence, trust and self-responsibility – breaking through emotional, mental and psychological barriers to a place where the individual becomes ‘cause’ to their own ‘effect’ and recognizes that “power” is driven by an internal source over which they have full control and is not to be found outside themselves in people or material things.



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